Anne Muree


I am a Master Coach, Deep Listener, Motivational Teacher, and Experienced Facilitator. My passion is: To inspire people to live from their “true nature,” be all they can be, and celebrate a life of joy and ease. The Enneagram System has been a beacon for my personal journey toward wholeness and is a cornerstone of my work.

Transformational Coach

If you want to live with more balance, choice, ease, lasting freedom and happiness, Transformational Coaching is for you. I combine wisdom, experience, intuition, and love to shine a light on your path. I am committed to seeing your potential and supporting you in loving yourself, living your life authentically, and actualizing your unique gifts.

Enneagram Educator

The Enneagram is an elegant, deep, and powerful map of your journey toward unleashing your creative energy, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and ensuring better relationships with yourself, others, and Source. Empowering people to access and use this tool is a high point in my career.